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August 12, 2016

Building the P-51 Mustang Pedal Plane: Step / Day 1 = 1st mistake

Step 1, Day 1 – March 18, 2016

Here are the first videos, beginning on day one of the build.  Disclaimer: Anyone using these videos and blog to assist with their build NEED to read the blog, as I will explain most of the errors made on the written portions.  In some cases I describe my errors on the next video.

Tip #1.  I’d say that the most helpful thing I first did in my build was to take all the hardware provided in the kit, and separated it all into individual plastic ziplock bags.  I numbered each bag in accordance with the numbers provided on the yellow sheet in the text plans which correspond to the building directions as the project progresses.  I also discovered that I was missing a few pieces (e.g. a bolt, a screw, a washer), which I chose to simply buy at the local hardware store (as it was only a couple dollars and not worth the hassle of trying to recoup from Aviation Products.)

I found the instructions and plans a bit overwhelming.  Mistake #1: Even after several days of reading the instructions and looking over the plans, I didn’t see the dimensions for the bending fixture template (which is located on plan/drawing sheet 1 of 6).  The written text says “fabricate a fixture for bending fuselage sides as shown on Sheet 6.”  While sheet 6 shows the fixture, it doesn’t show the dimensions.  I ultimately found them after the fact, on sheet 1.  So in this first video, I discuss how the plans didn’t have dimensions).

Steaming took me considerably longer than 15 minutes (closer to 30 minutes for each fuselage side) and I still didn’t truly get the fixtures bent as far as I think they needed to be as I ultimately forced the two halves together.  I calculated the weight of water cans by googling the weight of water and multiplying it by the quantities the plans suggested (2 gallons x 8.345 (weight of 1 gallon of water in pounds) = 16.7 lbs. and ¾ gallon x 8.345 = 6.25 lbs.)  Ultimately I decided to use some work-out weights that ranged from 2.5 (pink in the video), 6 (orange), and 10 lbs. (gray).  Despite not being exact in weight, they worked extremely well in my opinion.

8 Responses

  1. Roman

    Good afternoon!
    Do you have a video to continue building the aircraft?

    I want to build such an aircraft for my daughter and wanted to know from you some of the dimensions

    Thank you!

    1. Anonymous

      Hi Roman,
      I haven’t posted additional videos for a variety of reason, but can revisit and start posting again. What dimensions are you interested in? Seat dimensions and overall width and length?
      Best, Kelly

      1. Anonymous

        It would be nice if you made a new publication.
        The width of the seat is of interest, and the overall width with length, it would also be nice to know about some angular dimensions, and I was wondering where exactly the aircraft was further strengthened
        Thanks in advance!

  2. Roman

    Thank you very much for making new videos. I got a lot of useful information.

  3. Roman

    I apologize for the intrusiveness. Can you make pictures of drawings and put them on some kind of disk or send them by e-mail? From me a gift.

    With respect, Roman!

    1. Jack

      Hi Roman did you get those drawings from Kelly?

  4. Jack

    Hi Kelly I have years of experience as a metal fabricator, and think this would be a perfect project for my son, can you please provide with dimensions of Wingspan, length and interior dimensions. GREAT JOB

    1. Hi Jack,
      The rough dimensions are 56 inches for the wingspan and the fuselage seat width is 12 inches. The overall length is 62 inches. I purchased the kit from Aviation Products at http://www.pedalplanekits.com/ They also sell plans. I recommend getting the plans for specific dimensions and supporting them. High Density has no affiliation with them, but we love their product.
      All the best,

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